2019 Donor Appreciation Reception

 A very special thank you all for your donations to the SBC Preservation Foundation.   As you know, we have completed projects that have benefited our Clubhouse these past few years, the major project being completion of the Kitchen Remodel Phase I.  The Foundation has contributed $180,000 for that purpose.

For those who could not attend our Donor Appreciation Night on April 29, let me summarize remarks from that evening.  All were welcomed with a message of thanks only, no solicitation, no fund raising, no plea for money.  You had already responded.  “Appreciation” was in order. It was noted that among attendees were members whose passions include major support in our community for the arts, for education, for local museums, for health care, and for humanitarian efforts. With such major community support evident, we thanked you for including our Preservation Foundation.

 Thank you,

John Doordan, President

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