Donor Appreciation Event, April 29, 2019

Built in 1904 and designed by architect Francis Wilson, the clubhouse is a statement of the Club’s place and enduring presence in the community.  Over more than a century of continuous use for its original purposes, the clubhouse has been a social meeting place for distinguished residents of Santa Barbara and their guests, including Frederick Remington, Andrew Carnegie, Edward Borein, and George Washington Smith.  It is located within the El Pueblo Viejo Historic District and, in 2014, the City of Santa Barbara recognized the clubhouse as a local historic landmark. 

The Santa Barbara Club Preservation Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized under California law to engage in charitable and educational activities within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Specifically, its purposes include educating and informing the public by acquiring, restoring, preserving, and maintaining historically and/or architecturally significant buildings and structures in and around Santa Barbara County, including the historic clubhouse and surrounding structures of the Santa Barbara Club.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees has set as its highest priority ensuring the long-term preservation of the Club’s historic structures while also fulfilling the Foundation’s community-wide mission.



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