The Foundation’s mission is to support historic preservation activities in the Santa Barbara community, including but not limited to the preservation of the Santa Barbara Club’s historic clubhouse.  Based upon the specific requirements associated with the Foundation’s tax-exempt status, the Foundation’s funding must be “charitable,” which is defined in part as serving a public educational purpose.  Accordingly requests for funding for physical improvements to structures ordinarily must demonstrate both enhancement of an historic structure and public access to the area enhanced.  For example, a project restoring the exterior of an historic structure facing a city street demonstrably has public access and passively promotes public education about the city’s history.  At the other end of the spectrum, a project restoring interior rooms of a privately-owned structure that is not regularly opened to the public at large would be unlikely to qualify unless the proposal were accompanied by a plan for regular public access and educational efforts.  Improvements to infrastructure of an historic structure may be considered depending on findings associated with public benefit.  The Foundation also may consider projects that are educational in other ways, such as history historic research projects aimed at publication.
At present the Foundation’s Trustees are considering projects on a priority basis, meaning that proposals will be reviewed from month to month on a rolling basis and funding will be made available to meritorious projects consistent with timely availability.
Should you wish to propose a project for funding, please provide a written description of the project that addresses the Foundation’s criteria and includes a detailed summary of specifications, costs, and other details as may be available.  All proposals should be directed to President of the Board of Trustees, Santa Barbara Club Preservation Foundation, 1105 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, California 93101.